16. How can I search

BoltBee incorporates an index-based search engine that enables users to perform efficient and flexible searches through entities within the system. The search engine supports various search shortcuts and wildcard functionality to enhance search capabilities.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Index-Based Search: BoltBee’s search engine utilizes an index that organizes and optimizes the data for quick and accurate search results. This index covers entities such as products, categories, customers, or other relevant data within the BoltBee application.

  2. Wildcard Searches: You can utilize wildcard characters to perform more flexible searches. The most commonly used wildcard character is the asterisk () which represents any number of characters. For example, searching for “prod” would return results matching “product,” “production,” “products,” and so on.

  3. Shortcut Search: BoltBee provides shortcuts to streamline searches for specific fields or attributes within entities. These shortcuts allow you to perform targeted searches without specifying the full field name. For example, using “name: BoltBee” would search for entities with the term “BoltBee” in their name field.

Live Example Ti*

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