13. System Administration

In BoltBee, administrators have extensive capabilities to manage the system and configure various settings. From license management to SMTP settings configuration and search index reindexing, administrators have the power to ensure smooth operations and optimize the platform according to the organization’s needs. Let’s explore these administrator capabilities in more detail:

License Management:
As an administrator, you have the ability to manage all licenses within the BoltBee system. This includes overseeing license allocation, renewals, and upgrades. You can ensure that the appropriate licenses are assigned to the users and adjust license usage as needed to accommodate your organization’s requirements.

SMTP Settings Configuration:
BoltBee allows administrators to configure the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) settings for notifications. By accessing the administration settings, you can specify the SMTP server details, such as the server address, port number, authentication credentials, and encryption options. Configuring the SMTP settings ensures that email notifications from BoltBee are sent through the designated email server.

Search Index Reindexing:
As an administrator, you have the ability to initiate the reindexing process for the search index in BoltBee. Reindexing helps ensure that the search functionality within the application is up to date and accurate. By triggering the reindexing process, you can update the search index to reflect any changes or updates made to the product catalog or other relevant data.

These capabilities empower administrators in BoltBee to manage licenses, configure SMTP settings for notifications, and initiate search index reindexing. These functionalities contribute to maintaining a well-configured and efficient system that meets the specific needs of your organization.