1. Login

Login Boltbee
Login Boltbee

The Application login typically consists of a form that allows users to access their personal accounts on the website. 

Overall, the login process aims to verify the identity of the user and grant access to the appropriate account while maintaining the security and privacy of the user’s information.

The “Forgot password?” feature helps people who have forgotten their password to regain access to their accounts safely. It is found on the login page of websites or apps. When clicked, users are redirected to a password recovery page where they are asked to enter their account information. They must verify their identity, usually by receiving an email with a unique link or code that they need to click or enter. After that, they can reset their password by creating a new, secure one. Once they confirm the new password, they can log in and use their account again. The “Forgot password?” feature is important because it prevents people from getting locked out of their accounts, reduces frustration by providing a straightforward process, and reduces the risk of unauthorized access to personal information.

BoltBee Password forgot
BoltBee Forgot password

The Sign Up process is crucial for individuals to establish their presence and access the various functionalities provided by a platform. It allows users to create personalized accounts tailored to their needs, preferences, and interests. By signing up, users can unlock features such as personalized content, communication tools, account settings, and potentially gain access to exclusive benefits or services. The Sign Up process also enables platforms to manage user data, maintain security measures, and provide a personalized experience for their users.

Managing your account allows you to change your email address.

Manage your account - Email Setup
Manage your account - Email Setup
Manage your account – Profil Setup:
  • Modify your username
  • Choose your Interface (Application) Language
  • Add your internal Phone Nr. (optional)

Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): If you have enabled 2FA for your account, you will be prompted to enter the verification code sent to your registered mobile device. Follow the instructions provided to complete the 2FA process.

Manage your account -Two-factor Authentication
Manage your account -Two-factor Authentication

Verify your Device

Delete you Personal Data