Bitrix24: Introduction

Bitrix24 provides you with a multifunctional communication tool. As a social intranet, it covers the areas of tasks and project management as well as CRM and ensures an efficient way of working in your company.

Learn how to use Bitrix24 properly!

Many functions of the comprehensive tool are intuitively understandable. Nevertheless, it is advisable to have some of the most important features explained to you in advance.

For this reason, we provide a small overview of the most important features on our Knowledge Base to help you use Bitrix24 and answer your questions. For this purpose, we limit ourselves to the areas of tasks, projects, calendars and CRM, as these are the most frequently used. Bitrix itself provides a variety of YouTube videos with webinars and short tutorials that go into more detail about all the features. Some of these videos are embedded in the tutorials below.

For a comprehensive introduction to the world of Bitrix24, watch the following webinar (in German).

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