Bitrix24: CRM

With Bitrix24’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) you can conveniently maintain your customer relationships and have reports generated. The main elements include leads, orders, invoices and contacts. Customer data can be imported manually as well as from existing databases without any problems. In addition, there is the possibility to use various reporting tools, which, among other things, provide you with information about the status of your orders and display them visually.

The CRM feature also allows you to create contact groups and send e-mails. With the form module, you are also able to create any type of form that can either be integrated on your website or sent to customers as a link. Leads generated by a form on your website are added directly to Bitrix’s CRM and can be processed there.

To get an impression of the wide range of functions of the CRM feature, it is best to watch the Bitrix24 webinar.

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