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We are the connection

It doesn’t always spark the same between all systems. That is why we have specialized in e-commerce with the BoltBee. The interface connects over 50 store and merchandise management systems with each other by aligning any information between the systems. Faulty orders, invoices and customer data are a thing of the past.

Communication problems? The BoltBee helps

If store systems do not communicate correctly with merchandise management, it puts those affected in an unpleasant position – dissatisfied customers, financial losses and additional expense due to troubleshooting. The BoltBee is the link to ensure flawless communication – even in other interface projects.


The BoltBee is silent and (almost) invisible: it transfers data from multiple systems simultaneously and can be used for other business sectors in addition to e-commerce – one interface for all requirements. The server-based platform allows you to view and edit all data on a clear user interface.

With the BoltBee, we deliver a user-friendly interface in which you can import, centrally manage and adapt all your company data – at any time and from any terminal device – this also includes the management of access data. Scattered data is history. Of course, everything can be viewed at any time. If something is not clear, our specialists will help you.

All your company’s data can be integrated in the BoltBee. Our connectors ensure the automatic integration of your data – no matter what source it comes from. This includes even your IT system or the corporate cloud. You can simply drag and drop them onto the interface. This procedure saves time and ensures that important data is not lost.
Edit your content on our software interface by describing and saving your work steps. The version history allows you to retrace previous steps and decisions. You can assign content with different data structures to each other, which automatically harmonises them and prepares them for the desired data structure. Save your work steps to integrate them into your work process.
The previously harmonised data on our BoltBee platform can be played out for each output channel and device, downstream processes or for specific target systems. In addition to the fully automated import, the data is also automatically played out for the target system. This saves you valuable time that you would otherwise invest in multiple systems and the conversion of the data.
The BoltBee is server-based. This means that part of the software is installed in the company network, which centralizes the data. This part controls all further processes – for example, all employees have offline access, from anywhere and at any time. You manage your data independently, which guarantees you greater data security and full control over your data. At the same time, you remain flexible because you can also adapt the software independently.
The BoltBee is designed according to the modular principle. This makes it possible to merge and harmonise a lot of data from many different sources and formats in one system, which enables rapid integration into your corporate environment. And it is precisely for this reason that it can also be used for individual and complex projects, as its range of functions can be easily expanded by adding further modular components. This principle guarantees low fault tolerance and avoids costs due to additional work.

Our connectors

Connectors are the link to our interface to connect the systems of your company. They ensure that your data is displayed identically regardless of the device and is permanently synchronized with all end devices used. We offer connectors for store systems, ERP systems, marketplaces and feed engines.

Mission & Vision

We want to offer your company real added value by making data exchange between all systems run as if by itself. Easy operation and fast integration of the BoltBee into your data environment through standardized and state-of-the-art components based on the modular principle make this possible. Whether communication in the eCommerce environment or other interface projects – we offer you high flexibility through our expandable software – even for individual requests.


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