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Our concept is simple: we want to connect. This is not only about systems in the e-commerce sector, but also about our partners. In order for us to be successful in the changing market, we need experts at our side. Experts like you. You are a reseller and would like to expand your portfolio with strong programmes or shine with expert knowledge in the field of software development? We offer you our BoltBee with its manifold possibilities and a strong team behind the programme. Contact us so that we can connect.


You support your customers with a simple solution that adapts to their challenges. With the BoltBee, you can connect over 50 ERP and shop systems with each other and thus sell almost any shop combination.

An adaptation artist
Our interface can be used in any industry. We will find a solution for your customers’ use cases.

Useable everywhere
Our software is modular and can be extended at any time. Together we integrate the special features of your customers.

Data lover
The BoltBee transfers data from several systems simultaneously, harmonised and structured. Your customers will love it.
The BoltBee is specialised in e-commerce. Whether small or large enterprises, we create the right automation concept for your customers.


Our academy enables you as a software developer to become an srt expert through training, courses and certificates. Offer your customers insider knowledge with the acquired know-how.
The BoltBee integrates, structures and exports any data. Together we can drive the digital transformation.

You as part of srt
As a developer, you are an important part of our growth. For this reason, we take your wishes, ideas and visions into account in our development.

(Un)finite Possibilities
Connectors are the link to our interface. With your support, we create even more connection.

Easy to use
Our software interface is designed to be simple for our customers. But changing processes and ongoing feature development require experts like you.

Advantages of our partners

Become part of a strong community that creates connection.


Our academy is designed to provide you with the best possible support, because we know how important teamwork is when it comes to progress.


With growing digitalisation, the demand for automated processes is also increasing. We want to grow together with you.


We train you in our subject matter in a targeted manner. With our Academy, you are optimally equipped for the market.


We have developed a product that offers real added value to our customers and yours by simply automating processes.


We don’t think much of flash in the pan. Our BoltBee has been on the market for a long time and is constantly being adapted to the state of the art.


We deliver results. Identifying problems and implementing solutions – that’s our motto. Our references and partnerships show this.

Mission & Vision

Any vision can be as big as it is – to be successful you need strong partners who have your back and believe in what you love. As an interface expert, we have endless possibilities to use our BoltBee and unlimited scope to work for companies in all sectors. What do we need? Motivated minds and helping hands that carry our products into the world.
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